MULTI-LIBRIUM 2012 at Box13 Artspace
Tree Geometries #1 Monoprint
Xylem #1 Monoprint
About the artist
Orna Feinstein is an artist specializing in monoprints, sculptures, paper installations and site-specific installations. Her passion lies in experimentation and innovations in the field of monoprint making. This led to printing on non traditional materials like plexiglass, boards and fabrics thus creating monoprints that are textural, dimensional, and kinetic.
Valuable information and an educational video on how to make a monoprint appears in the page about monoprints.
Current Exhibition "Asherah" - at Anya Tish Gallery
NEW Paper Installation PAPELLIBRIUM at the Women And Their Work art organization
Follow my traveling retrospective - Now and Zen: Fifteen Years of Printmaking

NEW Podcast - Now and Zen: Fifteen Years of Printmaking, at the Museum of the Southwest
NEW Video - MULTI-LIBRIUM Paper Installation Made Of 10,000 Reused Art Invitation Cards
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